Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Trump’s SPAC Deal With Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) Will Be a Giant Failure

By Jeff Siegel on October 26, 2021
Look, you may be the biggest Trump supporter in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that from a historical perspective, his track record with public companies isn’t so hot...

How the IRS Could Be the Deciding Factor in the Legalization of Cannabis

By Jeff Siegel on October 25, 2021
Cannabis Cash Motivates the IRS

Solar Investments That Pay Double-Digit Dividends

By Jeff Siegel on October 21, 2021
Most investors can’t pull off a single double-digit gain in a year, but with this private solar investment you can make right now, you could be looking at monthly double-digit gains.

Investing in Energy Projects That Pay Monthly Royalties

By Jeff Siegel on October 14, 2021
Jeff Siegel's latest investment essentially allows any investor to collect royalties on various energy projects around the world. Here's how...

Why South Dakota Is the Safest Place to Park Your Cash

By Jeff Siegel on October 7, 2021
While editor Jeff Siegel doesn’t know what the fallout will be from the Pandora Papers, he does know the quest for free people to protect their assets is not something that can be deterred by government intervention.

Only God and Rich People Don’t Care About Credit Scores

By Jeff Siegel on September 23, 2021
Don’t waste any more time worrying about your credit score. Just get rich and never think about it again. That's why Jeff Siegel strongly urges you to stay on top of every moneymaking opportunity we present to you here at Energy and Capital, starting with these three...