Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Only God and Rich People Don’t Care About Credit Scores

By Jeff Siegel on September 23, 2021
Don’t waste any more time worrying about your credit score. Just get rich and never think about it again. That's why Jeff Siegel strongly urges you to stay on top of every moneymaking opportunity we present to you here at Energy and Capital, starting with these three...

Why Taxing the Rich Will Lead to Unintended Consequences That Will Persecute the Poor and Middle Class

By Jeff Siegel on September 16, 2021
If you truly want economic justice without it being mandated by the heavy hand of government, you really have to support cryptocurrency. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses a particular opportunity he likes...

Investing in TriFuel-238

By Jeff Siegel on September 9, 2021
Wind, solar, conventional nuclear power, oil, gas, coal, you name it... TriFuel-238 beats everything else we’ve ever used when it comes to cost, efficiency, power density, and even environmental sustainability...

Was Cuomo’s Cannabis Legalization Plan a Fraud?

By Jeff Siegel on September 2, 2021
It’s likely New York Gov. Kathy Hochul will be greeted by enough marijuana legalization advocates to convince her to allow for a fairer and more just legalization market with less government control and more free market influence...

The Only Mining Stocks That Matter

By Jeff Siegel on August 26, 2021
If you want to make money in rare earth materials mining, don't waste your time thinking that one day there will be a huge opportunity in Afghanistan. There won't be. Instead, analyst Jeff Siegel urges readers to look to mining operations in North America, Australia, and Europe.

Why Investing in Oil Pipelines Is Stupid

By Jeff Siegel on August 24, 2021
Why Investing in Oil Pipelines Is Stupid