Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Why the UFC Partnership With Battle Motors Matters

By Jeff Siegel on July 22, 2021
Uncle Dana’s digging these electric trucks.

Space Tourism Is Stupid

By Jeff Siegel on July 22, 2021
While there is something particularly enticing about floating above the Earth in a private spaceship, any chance of such a thing is never going to happen unless you can afford the ticket...

Lifting the U.S. Embargo Against Cuba Will Create Wealth and Prosperity for Both Countries

By Jeff Siegel on July 15, 2021
Ending the U.S. embargo against Cuba should actually be something fairly easy for both sides of the political aisle to agree upon. Economically, politically, and socially, this really is a no-brainer...

Investing in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

By Jeff Siegel on July 8, 2021
Make no mistake: The global energy economy is transitioning away from one heavily weighted in fossil fuels to one heavily weighted in new energy technologies, such as wind, solar, battery storage, and small modular nuclear reactors, which I would argue offer you the biggest bang for your buck right now.

The Future of Bitcoin Mining will Be Powered by Clean Energy

Could this Single Stock Determine the Fate of Bitcoin?

By Jeff Siegel on June 17, 2021
While market analyst Jeff Siegel doesn't know the exact trajectory of Bitcoin, he suspects that the cryptocurrency miners that can lower their carbon footprints will further legitimize digital currency. Here's why...

The Floyd Mayweather of Investing

By Jeff Siegel on June 10, 2021
Truth is, if investment analysts were boxers, Energy and Capital would be the gym where Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali trained. Yeah, we’re that good. And we have the track records to prove it.